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KMC - Your Partner in Cutting Costs

Let us help you optimize your costs by replacing expensive ingredients. With a background in potato based ingredients, KMC understands the challenge of minimizing costs without jeopardizing the quality. We dedicate our knowledge and expertise to developing specialized solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

Our broad portfolio of functional starch ingredients offer solutions to bind and retain water and stabilize and control texture in various food applications. Whatever your challenge, we are here to help you find the solution.

Imitation cheese

Dairy protein is an expensive ingredient and frequent price volatility makes the cost-in-use unpredictable. Replace it with our cost effective CheeseMaker specialty starches to make a process cheese product with a firm structure and cheese-like appearance. optimize meltability and shreddability with the different solutions from our extensive CheeseMaker range.

Mayonnaise & dressings

When looking to reduce the fat content in your salad dressing, KMC ColdSwell will keep it stable and ensure a pleasant mouthfeel. The texture is easily adjusted to your specific preference whether you are searching for a pourable or spoonable dressing. Due to the intact starch granules in ColdSwell the shear and heat stability is improved.

EmulsiForm specialty starches provide excellent emulsification. Replace egg or egg yolks with EmulsiForm and obtain a cost-effective solution. EmulsiForm is an easy to use ingredient with long shelf life and it can be stored at ambient temperature. Make vegetarian salad dressing that is non-allergenic and free from cholesterol.

Bakery products

kmcGlazeMaker 25 provides a superior shine that gives your baked goods that fresh and appealing look that attracts the consumer's eye. In addition to providing a high gloss, GlazeMaker 25 possesses an excellent adhesion. Brush or spray the solution onto your baked goods before baking and add your desired topping.

Use ColdSwell specialty starches to bind water effectively and thicken bakery creams, fruit fillings, dressings or microwaveable sauces. ColdSwell products result in high viscosity at low temperatures and keep the same texture and viscosity after heating.Include our easily dispersible ColdSwell versions as an excellent ingredient in dry mixes.

We can help delay the staling effect in your yeast based dough and keep your buns fresh and appealing for longer by adding Potato Flakes, Potato Granules or FiberBind.

Jellies & gums

Let KMC Gelamyl replace gelatin - partially or fully - and reduce costs. Our product range provides the specific functionality desired for your end product whether it is licorice pastilles, tender gum or jelly confectionery. We control texture, elasticity and consistency from soft to hard or from elastic to brittle. KMC Gelamyl is neutral in taste and gives a great flavor release.


Fat reduction is at the top of the agenda and with KMC potato based ingredients we can help lowering the fat content in your beef patty while keeping a rich and juicy taste. Furthermore, a high water loss during frying is a challenge when preparing the good burger. Adding Potato Flakes or FiberBind to your patty will improve the yield of the fried hamburger and give you a more appealing and juicy sensation.

kmc meat

Our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, non-allergenic, kosher and halal certified.

We dedicate our knowledge and expertise to developing specialized solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We have a team of specialists and technicians with profound knowhow and the ability to run development trials both at our own premises and at our customers'.

Please contact us to see how we can help you!


Herningvej 60
DK-7330 Brande
Telephone: +4596425555
E-mail: kmc@kmc.dk
URL: www.kmc.dk